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Artist                                                                                                                                                   Jen Clark

 Artist                                                                                                       Nancy "NV" Vick a.k.a. NVinspired


on display at "Affordable Antiques & More"

Booth 148

Planet                                                                                           $125.00

Spray Paint on Wood

Jen Clark

33" w By 11"  h

Nude Figure a  (distressed)                                                         $50.00

Not Mounted  - Charcoal on Paper

Jen Clark

24" w x 18" h

Clothed Figure a (distressed)                                                      $50.00

Not Mounted - Charcoal on Paper

Jen Clark

18" w x 24" h

Outstanding                                                                                    Sold

Acrylic on Cardboard

NVinspired (Nancy "NV" Vick)

48" w x 16" h

Field                                                                                               $70.00

Acrylic and Metallic on Cardboard

NVinspired (Nancy "NV" Vick)

21" w x 16" h

Chapeau                                                                                        $80.00

Acrylic and Metallic on Canvas

NVinspired (Nancy "NV" Vick)

20" w x 24" h

Funky Flowers                                                                            $60.00

Acrylic on Cardboard

NVinspired (Nancy "NV" Vick)

11" w x 19" h

Miami Windows                                                                           $80.00

Acrylic on Cardboard

NVinspired (Nancy "NV" Vick)

24" w x 20" h